Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Kerrie-Anne Mckechnie
"First of all I would like to say Thank You so so so much James! With out you I would not have passed my test at all.

Well before I start my story the good news was I passed my test first time and had only been driving for 2 weeks with James.

I live in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis and it was a nightmare taking lessons up here as the instructors are so busy I was left waiting weeks without a lesson so I went searching for a intensive course to see if I could pass my test sooner! James was recommended to me by a friend that was taking weekly lessons with him.

Before I made the trip to Greenock I was speaking to James organizing everything and booking the test before I took one lesson with him!

He is so easy to get along with and is so funny, which makes it such a enjoyable experience! and I am so glad I went on a course with him, I cannot thank him enough. I will keep him on my Christmas card list! :D

Take Care James, and good luck to those to take their tests through him!"

Jamie Smith
To anyone wishing to sit there driving test, my name is Jamie and I have just taken a quick pass course (20 hours) with James and passed!!! OMG I never thought it would happen as I have had over 60 hours of lessons with other instructors and failed miserably, I was even sick on my first test I was so nervous! James was always punctual, calm and collected and at all times made me feel in control. I never felt unsafe or as though it was not possible for me to pass as James installed confidence and knowledge in me that I'd never had before. I was still nervous taking my test but I instinctively knew what to do in all situations as I just drove the way I had been taught and am pleased to say I passed with only 3 minor's and at the end of my test the examiner congratulated James and said that I had driven well. I would like to thank James and LDC for making it possible. Anyone wishing to learn to drive need look no further as if I can do it anyone can. Jamie.

Christopher Paul
I had never been remotely interested in learning to drive until my girlfriend fell pregnant. I realised that I had to face the challenge head on and in May 2009 I started taking lessons with James Cumming.

I was terrified of cars, never had a clue how they worked, but James was patient and slowly but surely I started to pick things up. Before I knew it I was driving around my scheme and attempting manouveres, growing in confidence.

James broke things down in simple terms, which was good for me, and I was ready for my test. I passed in October, 5 months after my first lesson and 2 weeks after the birth of my son.

I had a laugh with James when I had the confidence to drive without much guidance and I will always be grateful to him for teaching me a skill for life.

Richard Hamilton
After driving for over 10 years on an automatic transmission only licence, my circumstances had changed where it was essential that I possessed a full manual licence. Ever the optimist I booked my test date in the first instance and then set about organising lessons (NOT RECOMMENDED), and I would urge future learner drivers to liaise with their instructors first.

I phoned James and told him that I required an intensive period of driving in order to be ready to take a test in Greenock in 14 days time. I further added to James' task as I informed him that I didn't know the immediate area and would be travelling from West Dunbartonshire in order to take my lessons.

From the first lesson with James it was apparent that I had picked up a few nasty habits from 10 years plus of driving an automatic, some I was aware off and others I didn't. In addition to having already booked my test at the time of my lessons I was 42 years old and had just left the Army as a Sergeant-Major after 23 years service, so perhaps not the ideal student to contend with. But, I have to say that James was ever punctual, exceptionally courteous, extremely patient and without doubt tremendously knowledgeable with regards his chosen profession. I remember at the time recalling how much of the actual lessons contained physical driving, only remaining stationary to discuss manoeuvres that had not gone to plan and to talk about essential driving matters.

James managed, and I still don't know how to this day, get me thoroughly prepared for my test. From the first lesson to the last I felt in very capable hands. On my last lesson, 1 hour prior to my test, James was instrumental in ensuring my mind set was right, although having been in the military and been in some scary situations I was a tad nervous, but James calmed my initial fears.

Needless to say, I passed my test with flying colours and I could not thank James enough, as I am sure the outcome would not have been the same had I not been instructed in such a outright professional, thorough, diligent and friendly manner.

David Doyle
I recently passed my driving test with LDC and my Instructor James Cumming and it was a first time pass. I found that learning with James was was a really good experience as he was patient and courteous even I made mistakes.

No time was wasted during lessons and I found that pace of learning went at a pace I was comfortable with and nothing was rushed into and everything was explained properly. He gave me tips on how to perform that little bit better and with the workbook I was able to study and brush up on my driving in my spare time. I would really recommend James and the LDC to anyone looking to start driving lessons as I found learning to drive with them was an enjoyable experience.

Billy Elder
I passed my test today and I would really like to thank my instructor Mr James Cummings from Greenock for making that possible.

Jim's method of learning is highly structured for the level you are at and he breaks all the manoeuvres down to easily manageable stages. Jim is patient and professional throughout but also tells it like it is. I had not moved 6 feet in my first lesson of the intensive course when he told me I had failed (check blind spot...doh). He took me from there to a 1st time pass in less than a week (19hrs tuition) and I can honestly say I enjoyed every min even when it was all going wrong.

That is now two members of my family that Jim has steered to passing within a few months and I would highly recommend Jim to anyone who is looking for the perfect instructor.

Good luck to all who have still to take their test.